2 eps back-to-back
Mon, 8pm (7pm JKT/BKK). Territories apply.
2 eps back-to-back
Mon, 8pm (7pm JKT/BKK). Territories apply.
Personality: Tends to be serious and passive at work.
Trivia: Is Munakata’s right-hand man, and Lieutenant of SCEPTER 4.
Mystery: Her relations with Kusanagi.
Personality: Composed and a natural leader.
Trivia: The Blue King and Captain of SCEPTER 4. He is authoritative but not domineering, and prefers to fight fairly.
Mystery: Will he and Suoh ever be friends?
Personality: Arrogant, ruthless yet collected.
Trivia: A member of the Blue Clan but was previously from the Red Clan. Has a HOMRA tattoo on his chest.
Mystery: Reasons for his betrayal.
Personality: Reserved and mysterious.
Trivia: Owns HOMRA Bar. Oldest member of the Red Clan, next to Suoh. Knows a lot of history of people and various organizations.
Mystery: His relations with Awashima.
Personality: Rebellious and violent, yet shy with ladies.
Trivia: Always seen with his skateboard and baseball bat. Doesnt hesitate in a fight and dislike being called Misaki.
Mystery: His dislike to being called Misaki.
Personality: Reserved, serious yet has a soft heart.
Trivia: A loyal student of his late Master, Ichigen Miwa. He also loves to cook, and seems to be good at it.
Mystery: Would he slay Shiro in the end?
Personality: Playful, active and very loyal to Shiro.
Trivia: Prefers to run around nude and transforms into a cat at will. Ability to create visual and audio hallucinations, and alter memories.
Mystery: Her origins and power.
Personality: Reserved and mysterious.
Trivia: She doesnt talk much. Seems to have psychic-like abilities and uses her magic marbles to find answers.
Mystery: What secrets does she hold behind her demure nature?
Personality: Violent, calm and distant yet caring.
Trivia: Red King of HOMRA. Has a dark sense of humour, and spends his time sleeping. Currently remains captive by the Blue Clan.
Mystery: When would he break free? And does he have a hidden agenda?
Personality: Easy-going, polite and extremely charming.
Trivia: Uses his charm to get out of a fix. Seems to be suffering from amnesia. His true identity is an enigma, even to himself.
Mystery: Could possibly be the next Colourless
Personality: Reserved and mysterious.
Trivia: Always hungry, and seems to follow Yata around. Does not really get involve in much fight.
Mystery: None.
Personality: Carefree and friendly.
Trivia: Used to follow Suoh around, eventually accepted into HOMRA. Sing and plays the guitar well.
Mystery: Who killed him? And why?
Personality: Friendly, charismatic and kindhearted.
Trivia:> Classmates with Shiro, and an active member of the student council. Makes friends easily.
Mystery: Will she stay on to help Shiro in his quest?