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After being frozen in time for 7 years, Fairy Tail guild members returned to Magnolia, only to discover that Sabertooth is now the strongest guild in the Fiore Kingdom. Having become the weakest guild, Fairy Tail decided to enter the Grand Magic Games - an annual competition to decide Fiore's strongest guild.

Fast forward to the 3rd tag battle of the Grand Magic Games on the 4th day, we witnessed Natsu's overpowering combined attacks on Sting and Rogue. This brought the tag battle of the Dragon Slayers to an end. Fairy Tail team received 10 points, finally surpassed Team Sabertooth by a single point. The Sabertooth members watched in dismay, while the rest of Fairy Tail celebrated in joy. It is now the beginning of Fairy Tail's pride and glory in becoming Fiore's strongest guild yet again. But will it be that simple?


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