Ikebukuro...A city brimming with trouble...and the people who become involved.

The leader of the "Dollars" wanders, the missing "Yellow Scarves", the wavering wielder of the demon sword "Saika", the headless rider and underground doctor couple and the young informant who fights the strongest and most dangerous man of Ikebukuro, a very inquisitive transfer student, a beautiful Russian handywoman, a handsome motorcycle gang leader, and a scarred gangster...each one will surely add to the drama! Once again, the streets of Ikebukuro will witness a series of mysterious incidents involving these eccentric characters!
Ikebukuro, a city teeming with the most peculiar characters and the twisted schemes they indulge in. In the aftermath of the assault against the information broker, signs of new disorder begin to develop like ripples across the water. Holding his own ideals, the young man who gains the powers of both the "Dollars" and the "Blue Squares" treads the path to total annihilation. Someone struggles to save their best friend while a psychopath creeps up on a popular idol, slowly but surely, a new threat gains power within the city's shadows....

Paths cross and trouble brews as the plot thickens in this complicated web of conspiracies.
Ikebukuro is primed to explode, as pockets of chaos flare up all over the city.

In Shinra's apartment, a group of people with different agendas has gathered.

Out on the streets, the Dollars, Yellow Scarves and Saika's Army are getting ready for a showdown.

Once Celty's head is finally exposed to the public, the stage will be set for an ending no one will see coming!