Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Starts Jan 3, Wed - Fri, 10PM (9PM JKT/BKK). Double episodes. Territories apply.

Matoi the Sacred Slayer

About Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Matoi Sumeragi is a second year junior high school student who works as a part-time shrine maiden at Tenma Shrine and enjoys the mundane everyday life. Her close friend Yuma Kusanagi is part of the family of the shrine's chief priest, and is a candidate to be the successor shrine maiden.

One day, as Matoi and Yuma arrive at the shrine, they are greeted by the shrine’s damaged grounds and Yuma’s injured parents. Matoi's father Shingo, a police detective, launches an investigation, but his only witness is a man who does not seem entirely sane. Yuma decides to perform a ritual but things go beyond their expectations when the ritual imbrues Matoi with the power to banish evil spirits! How will Matoi cope with her new abilities?