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About Maoyu

In a world embroiled by war between Humans and Demons, the Humans’ greatest Hero successfully invaded the Demon King’s castle, in hopes of defeating him. However, who Hero met, was definitely not what he was expecting – the Queen. Instead of receiving any retaliation from her, Hero was met with a proposal to form alliance.

The Queen’s explanation to Hero was that if the war comes to a sudden end, it can bring about further chaos to the world. The Humans, who were united as they stood against their common enemies, would eventually start fighting amongst themselves. This will carry on with similar issues that are already occurring at the Demon Realm.

Convinced by the Queen, Hero then joins forces with her to execute a plan that will bring about prosperity and a lasting peace to both races. If successful, this will bring an end to the war. However, if this plan falls through, both Queen and Hero will be branded as traitors and be executed.