Let's Dance with OO-KUN & Friends
Have a flair for dancing and want to show off your groovy moves?
Let's dance with OO-Kun & Friends and stand to win amazing prizes,
including a chance to be featured on television!
Learn the
OO-Kun & Friends
official dance from the
dance tutorial.
Be creative and film a
cover video of the dance -
you can do so by yourself
or with your friends!
Upload your video to YouTube,
Vimeo or Facebook and
submit your video link as well
as the required details below.
Contest Period: 12PM (GMT+8), 1 May 2018 - 12PM (GMT+8), 30 June 2018
Sony Selfie
Xperia Z5
Goodie Bag
(worth approximately USD$1,300)

Animax Goodie Bag
Animax goodie bag
(worth approximately USD$100)
The selection criteria for each category is as follows: Most Entertaining - Showmanship and entertainment value;
Best Outfit - Creativity and appropriateness of costume(s); OO-Kun's Choice - Overall execution of performance.
The Consolation Prizes will be awarded to the next best entries based on the criteria for any of the categories above.