One-Punch Man Is a Big Hit

One-Punch Man

By Jason Leung

What happens when a superhero becomes so strong, he can defeat any enemy with a single hit? Find out in One-Punch Man on Animax, an action-comedy that follows Saitama, a hero from City Z who’s trained so much that he can take out any villain in just one blow. 

But with great power comes great... drawbacks? Saitama’s overtraining has caused him to lose all his hair, and single-hit victories leave him bored and unsatisfied even though he’s come face to face with outrageous behemoths like pollution monsters and crab beasts.

Always in search of a worthy opponent and exciting fight that lasts beyond a single hit, Saitama can’t even gain the respect of the Hero Association because of his un-super physique and bald head. Eventually, Saitama gains the notice of demon cyborg Genos, who gets to be One-Punch Man’s disciple after making a deal to pay some of his rent (punching doesn’t  pay the bills, after all).

And while Saitama doesn’t get (or seek) the respect he deserves, One-Punch Man’s popularity is getting even a bigger boost with toy company Funko’s recent announcement that it will soon be creating POP! Vinyl and Dorbz figures for the series.

Just like its hero, One-Punch Man had humble beginnings, starting out as webcomic in 2009 by the manga creator known as ONE. The comic became a viral hit, earning over 10 million views in just three years, leading to its 2012 adaptation as a manga illustrated by Eyeshield 21 artist, Yusuke Murata.

Shortly thereafter, Madhouse, the animation studio behind such hits as Death Note, Hunter x Hunter and Trigun, launched One-Punch Man into an anime series that you can now catch right here on Animax. 

Will Saitama ever find a worthy foe as the Hero Association battles the likes of the Tongue Stretcher, Giant Crow and Rhino Wrestler? Find out on One-Punch Man, an action-packed comedy that’s sure to knock you out like a single blow from Saitama himself.