Animax Asia



  1. For the purpose of the contest, (a) 'Official Rules' means the Channel's Facebook post promoting the contest (the "Channel's Post") and these terms and conditions, and (b) 'Channel' means Animax Asia.
  2. By sending an entry and therefore participating in the contest, each participant agrees to follow the Official Rules and to be bound by any decisions made by the Channel including any interpretation of the Official Rules.
  3. Participants must be citizens or legal residents of Malaysia.
  4. Participants can be of any age. Participants below 18 years old as of the start of the contest period must seek consent from their parent or legal guardian ('Guardian') prior to participating and each Guardian who provides such consent must, in addition, warrant and undertake that they are the legal guardian of the participant, that they will comply with the Official Rules, and that they will ensure that the participant complies with and performs the participant's obligations under the Official Rules. Each Guardian agrees to provide such warranty and undertaking in writing where requested by the Channel.
  5. Employees, agents, branches and promoters (including their immediate family members) of Networks – Asia Pte. Ltd., and its divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries, and others associated with the contest, are not permitted to participate in the contest.
  6. Participants can submit more than one entry throughout the entire duration of the contest, but will be entitled to win one prize only.
  7. The Channel reserves the right to disqualify any entry without prior notice for any reason, including but not limited to if the Channel is notified or made aware that such entry violates the rights of any person whomsoever or is not in compliance with these Official Rules or any government regulations.
  8. No purchase is necessary.
  9. The Channel and its agents, affiliates and/or representatives are not responsible for any loss of entries due to any problems caused by telephone lines or systems or internet service providers, for entries received after the deadline as a consequence of telephone or internet service delays, interruptions, failures or overloads, or for lost, stolen, misdirected, misplaced or postage-due entries.  Entries are void if unreadable, inaccurate, incomplete, damaged, mutilated, tampered with, falsified, mechanically reproduced, irregular in any way or otherwise not in compliance with the Official Rules.
  10. Where a contest requires the participant to submit any content, by sending a submission, each participant agrees to the following eligibility requirements:
    1. No submission shall directly or indirectly appear to or actually promote or advertise any person, entity, product or service other than the participant, the sponsors of this contest, the Channel or any of the Channel's affiliates;
    2. No participant shall make any trademark use or any other unauthorized use of any third party's name, logo, trademark or service mark in any submission or infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or any other legal or moral rights of any third party in any submission;
    3. The participant has received permission from any person whose likeness appears in the submission, or from such person's parent or legal guardian if such person is under 18;
    4. No submission shall contain any unlawful, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, violent, cruel, threatening, abusive, harassing, bullying, stalking, hateful, vulgar, racially or ethnically-motivated content, or be invasive of another's privacy, of poor quality, or otherwise objectionable, unfit for publication, posting, or other dissemination for public viewing, all of the above as determined by the Channel in its sole discretion;
    5. No submission shall make any visual or audio references implicitly or explicitly to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, firearms, or any depiction or representation thereof, or be perceived as giving or threatening to give rise to criminal or civil liability, encouraging conduct that might constitute a criminal offense, or encouraging or providing instructional information about illegal activities; and
    6. All rights in and to the submission (excluding references to the sponsors of this contest, if any,  the Channel or any of its affiliates) shall be fully owned or otherwise controlled by the participant. Submission provided by a participant will be received by the Channel and not by Facebook, Inc.
  11. By participating in the contest, each participant acknowledges and agrees that: (a) the participant has opted-in to the Channel's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on the Channel website page; and (b) by opting-in, the participant has read and consents to the Channel's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  Each participant further acknowledges that if he/she is chosen as a selected entrant, certain of his/her identifying information may be disclosed to third parties at least as required by law.  The Channel's Privacy Policy is located at The Channel's Terms of Service is located at Participants are providing their information to the Channel and not to Facebook, Inc.
  12. By participating in the contest, except where prohibited by applicable mandatory law, each participant hereby grants to the Channel, its affiliates, successors, licensees, assignees and the Channel's authorized designees, a perpetual, fully-paid, royalty-free, transferable, fully sublicenseable, worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, adapt, translate, reproduce, edit, modify, create derivative works from, combine with other works, post, transmit, perform, display, publish, communicate, communicate to the public, broadcast, reformat, make available, disseminate, distribute, and/or otherwise aurally and/or visually exploit (any one or more of the foregoing referred to as "Use") the submission (if applicable), and the participant's name, likeness, image, photograph, voice, performance, rendering, signature, silhouette, sounds and/or biographical data contained therein and/or in the registration information accompanying the participant's contest entry, in any media, manner, technology or content delivery mechanism now known or hereinafter devised, for any purpose, including, without limitation, in connection with the contest, its administration, judging, advertising and/or publicity, and in connection with the promotion, advertising, publicity and/or other exploitation of the Channel, without the necessity of further consent or additional consideration.
  13. By participating in the contest, each participant agrees to sign any further documentation requested by the Channel consistent with the Official Rules.
  14. The Channel's designated representative will select the prize winner(s) in accordance with the selection criteria specified in the Channel's Post and the Channel will announce the prize winner(s) within five (5) business days from the end date of the contest. Each prize winner will be informed by telephone or email. Each selected entrant must confirm acceptance immediately with the Channel.  If the Channel does not receive an answer from a selected entrant within two (2) working days after initial contact is made by the Channel, except when such period is extended pursuant to local law or the Channel's sole discretion, such entrant may be disqualified.  If a selected entrant is disqualified for this or any other reason, such as being found ineligible or failing to comply with the Official Rules, then the first alternate will be selected instead, as will each of the subsequent alternates until all selections have been made.  The Channel and its agents, affiliates and/or representatives will use their best efforts to contact selected entrants but will not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever if selected entrants cannot be reached by telephone or email within the two (2) day period.  Selected entries do not become official until all entries are validated.  All decisions of the Channel are final and irrevocable.
  15. Prizes cannot be transferred, negotiated, refunded or exchanged, and by no means will a cash equivalent be given, except that Channel reserves the right, in Channel's sole and absolute discretion, to substitute a prize or prize component of comparable or greater value.  Only a selected entrant and not any other person or agent, may claim a selection. Selected entrants will need to present proof of identification in the event of selection.
  16. Awarding of the prize(s) may be conditioned upon the winner and his/her guest signing an Indemnity and Release of Claims form provided by the Channel, which shall release the Channel and any other applicable contest sponsor of all liability, to the extent permitted by law.  Failure to complete and sign any documents requested by the Channel may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.
    All other expenses relating to acceptance of the prize not explicitly stated herein, including but not limited to travel expenses, accommodation, insurance, taxes, meals, beverages, alcoholic beverages and gratuities are responsibility of prize winner. The prize winner shall be responsible, at his/her sole cost and expense, for all travel arrangements between his/her point of origin and Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.
    The "May'n Fan Meet & Greet" session is subject to producer's production schedules. If the "May'n Fan Meet & Greet" session is canceled, rescheduled or, if for any reason, the Channel is unable to provide the visit to the "May'n Fan Meet & Greet" session on the date specified by the Channel or if the prize winner cannot be in Malaysia on the date specified by the Channel, the Channel shall have no further obligation to the prize winner.
  17. All selections will be made pursuant to the Official Rules. All taxes in connection with selections are the sole responsibility of each selected entrant, unless provided otherwise in accordance with applicable law and regulations.
  18. The Indemnified Parties (as defined hereunder) make no representation, warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, in fact or law, relative to any prize, including but not limited to its quality, mechanical condition, fitness for any purpose or non-infringement.
  19. Each participant shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Channel and Facebook, Inc. and each of their respective divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees and agents, including without limitation, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agencies and branches, as well as all contest sponsors, if any, and all others associated with the development and execution of this contest (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties") from any and all claims, damages, losses, demands, causes of action, proceedings, expenses, and/or liabilities resulting or arising from or connected with, or claimed to have arisen, resulted from or be connected with: (i) the participant's submission, participation, attempt to participate, or inability to participate, in the contest; (ii) submission and/or Use by the Indemnified Parties of any submission (and/or any parts thereof); (iii) the participant's failure to comply with any one or more of the Official Rules or any applicable laws, rules or regulations; (iv) the unauthorized use by the participant of, as applicable, the name, likeness, voice, work product, brand, trademark, logo of any person or entity; (v) the breach or alleged breach of any warranty, representation (including, without limitation any eligibility-related representation) or covenant made by the participant in connection with the contest; (vi) acceptance and/or use of any prize, if any; (vii) any right or benefit granted by the participant to the Channel in connection with the contest; and/or (viii) the participant's negligence, willful misconduct, violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations or the Official Rules, or his or her violation of any third party's intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other right.
  20. Participants release the Channel and Facebook, Inc. and each of their respective divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees and agents, including without limitation, . and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agencies and branches, as well as all contest sponsors and all others associated with the development and execution of this contest, from and against any and all liability with respect to or in any way arising from this contest and the awarding and use, misuse or possession of any prizes, including liability for personal injury, except where prohibited or limited by law.
  21. This contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, Inc., nor is Facebook, Inc. associated with this contest in any way.
  22. The contest is void where prohibited by law. All relevant national and local laws apply.
  23. This contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore, without regard to choice of law principles.  All actions or proceedings arising in connection with, touching upon or relating to this contest, the breach thereof and/or the scope of the provisions of this section shall be submitted to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (the "SIAC") for final and binding arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre to be held in Singapore, in the English language, before a single arbitrator who shall be a retired judge.  The arbitration shall be a confidential proceeding, closed to the general public.  Prior to the appointment of the arbitrator or for remedies beyond the jurisdiction of the arbitrator, Networks – Asia Pte. Ltd. may seek equitable relief in a court of competent jurisdiction in Singapore or such other court that may have jurisdiction over the participant, without thereby waiving its right to arbitration of the dispute or controversy under this paragraph.
  24. Please forward any questions or comments regarding the contest to the following address:
    Networks – Asia Pte. Ltd.
    10 Changi Business Park Central 2
    #03-01 Hansapoint@CBP
    Singapore 486030