Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

2 back-to-back episodes weeknights at 6.30pm (SIN/MY/PH/IND) & 5.30pm (JKT/BKK).


Upcoming Airings of Yu Yu Hakusho

Thursday, 24 Apr19:0023 minEPISODE 84Season 1Episode 84
Friday, 25 Apr00:0022 minEPISODE 85Season 1Episode 85
Friday, 25 Apr00:3023 minEPISODE 86Season 1Episode 86
Friday, 25 Apr05:0022 minEPISODE 85Season 1Episode 85
Friday, 25 Apr05:3023 minEPISODE 86Season 1Episode 86
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About Yu Yu Hakusho

When delinquent Yusuke sacrifices himself to save a young boy, he is restored to life as a Spirit Detective, and must now protect the human world from rouge demons and ghosts.

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  • For the Soul Reapers of Soul Society, their zanpakuto are not merely the means by which they fight but are also extensions of themselves.