Yatterman Night

Double Episodes, Mon - Fri, 6:30PM (5:30PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.

Yatterman Night

About Yatterman Night

A long time ago, a group of heroes known as the “Yatterman” fought against the evil Doronbow Gang. They emerged victorious and exiled the Doronbow Gang out of the Yatter Kingdom to live in poverty.

Several generations later, Leopard, a descendant of the Doronbow Gang’s leader, sets off to the Yatter Kingdom to look for a cure for her severely ill mother. Having heard of the good and heroic stories of the Yatterman, she was taken aback when the Yatterman shunned her away.

Leopard realised that a new generation of Yatterman have become corrupted with power and are forcing their people into hard labour. Not wanting the people to suffer, Leopard rises up to the situation and reforms a new Doronbow Gang to rebel against the corrupted Yatterman.