NISEKOI (1st Season)

Double Episodes, Mon - Fri, 6:30PM (5:30PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.

NISEKOI (1st Season)

About NISEKOI (1st Season)

Raku Ichijo is the second heir of a yakuza family, and he doesn’t like it.

10 years ago, a girl gave him a pendant but held the right key to open it. Raku then made a promise to her that he would marry her when they are older.

10 years later, he encounters a transfer student, Chitoge Kirisaki, who causes his pendant to go missing! Both of them did not get off to a good start, and what’s more, both their parents want them to date!

As the two realise that they came from similar backgrounds, they have to fake their relationship to prevent their gangs from going to war against each other.

How long will they be able to carry this on before anyone finds out? And will Raku be able to find the right girl to unlock his pendant?