My Little Monster

7pm (SIN/MY/PH/IND) & 6pm (JKT/BKK), then 2 back-to-back episodes, Mon - Fri, 6.30pm (SIN/MY/PH/IND) & 5.30pm (JKT/BKK).


Asako Natsume
  • Haru Yoshida
  • Shizuku Mizutani
  • Sohei Sasahara

Asako Natsume

A mutual classmate of Shizuku and Haru, Asako has poor grades and does not have any friends outside of those she makes in her online life.

Asako first got to know Shizuku and Haru when she asked Shizuku to help her retake a test in order to pass, as Asako needed to attend a community gathering to meet her online friends.

Asako treasures her friendship with Shizuku and Haru a lot.

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