Magical Warfare

Wed, 10:30pm (9:30PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.


Takeshi Nanase
  • Mui Aiba
  • Kurumi Isoshima
  • Kazumi Ida
  • Takao Oigami
  • Tsuganashi Aiba
  • Hotaru Kumagai
  • Kippei Washizu

Takeshi Nanase

Takeshi, an ordinary high school student, is skilled in Kendo. Due to certain circumstances, he started "dating" his childhood friend Kurumi Isoshima.

After the incident with Mui, Takeshi becomes a magician with the power of Evasive Magic. This magic works by sensing imminent danger, thus allowing Takeshi to avoid the attacks. Evasive Magic comprises of at least two levels – (1) Precognition, allowing Takeshi to “know” how the opponent will attack him and evade accordingly, (2) Signal Dream, allowing Takeshi to see several moves well ahead of time, and thus evade the attacks accordingly. As Takeshi progresses, he develops an additional skill of Telepathy.