Little Busters!

Mon - Fri, 5:30PM (4:30PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.


  • haruka-saigusa
  • kengo-miyazawa
  • komari-kamikita
  • kudryavka-noumi
  • kyousuke-natsume
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  • mio-nishizono
  • riki-naoe
  • rin-natsume

Yuiko Kurugaya

The tallest female member of the group, Yuiko has long black hair and is very slender. She is highly independent and has the strongest abilities among the female members. Although she is similar in age to the rest of the Little Busters, she is often seen as an older sister figure. She has a weakness for all things cute, and as such she has a particular soft spot for Rin and Komari.