Little Busters!

Mon - Fri, 5:30PM (4:30PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.


  • haruka-saigusa
  • kengo-miyazawa
  • komari-kamikita
  • kudryavka-noumi
  • kyousuke-natsume
  • mio-nishizono
  • riki-naoe
  • rin-natsume
  • yuiko-kurugaya

Masato Inohara

Standing at 183cm tall, Masato is the tallest member of the group. He has spiky black hair and is never seen without his trademark red headband. He shares a room with Riki and seems to be especially fond of him. Masato also has an obsession with his muscles and is often seen working out. Although he may come across as somewhat of an airhead, he is a very dependable friend and a fiercely loyal member of the Little Busters.