2 back-to-back episodes weekdays at 9am (SIN/MY/PH) & 8am (JKT/BKK). Territories apply.


Upcoming Airings of Kekkaishi

Thursday, 24 Apr13:0024 minEPISODE 47Season 1Episode 47
Thursday, 24 Apr13:3024 minEPISODE 48Season 1Episode 48
Friday, 25 Apr04:0024 minEPISODE 49Season 1Episode 49
Friday, 25 Apr04:3024 minEPISODE 50Season 1Episode 50
Friday, 25 Apr09:0024 minEPISODE 49Season 1Episode 49
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About Kekkaishi

Yoshimori Sumimura has the skill to form barriers to destroy demons, and he uses this power to protect the peace of a sacred land from numerous foes.

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  • For the Soul Reapers of Soul Society, their zanpakuto are not merely the means by which they fight but are also extensions of themselves.

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