Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation

2 eps back-to-back, Mon & Fri, 7am (6am JKT/BKK).


Neptune/Purple Heart
  • Noire/Black Heart
  • Blanc/White Heart
  • Vert/Green Heart
  • Nepgear/Purple Sister
  • Uni/Black Sister
  • Rom/White Sister Rom
  • Ram/White Sister Ram
  • Compa
  • IF
  • Histoire

Neptune/Purple Heart

The main protagonist of the show, Neptune is the goddess who rules over Planeptune. Energetic and cheerful, she is a “mood-maker” and infuses good cheer in all those around her. She has a child-like, innocent personality and will often thoughtlessly jump head first into any situation without regard of the possible consequences. When she changes form into Purple Heart, however, she loses this childishness and becomes a beautiful but lethal fighting machine skilled at both attacking and defending.