Gatchaman Crowds

Double Episodes, Mon & Tue, 10PM (9PM JKT/BKK). Territories apply.


  • Hajime Ichinose
  • Sugane Tachibana
  • Joe Hibiki
  • Utsutsu
  • Paiman
  • J.J.
  • Berg Katza


O.D is the moodmaker of the Gatchaman, and his catchphrase is “You’re overdoing it!”. He runs the base of operations for the Gatchaman, otherwise known as the CAGE. O.D proclaims himself to be “a sad Gatchaman who is unable to transform”. He is the only one to whom Utsutsu opens up to, and he takes on the role of protector around her. It is not known how long he has been part of the team.