• Animax Animax Matsuri
  • AFA 2014
  • VALVRAVE The Liberator
  • Parasyte -the maxim-
  • Girl Power Hour
  • OO-Kun
  • Animax Code Hunt
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker

    Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker

    When your very soul is at stake, you have to play your cards right…

    Every Sun, 11am (10am JKT/BKK).

  • Golden Time

    Golden Time

    Will you make every moment count?

    Mon - Wed,11pm (10pm JKT/BKK). Territories apply.

  • Hunter x Hunter (New Episodes)

    Hunter x Hunter (New Episodes)

    A human unleashes the monster within; a monster discovers the human within.

    Mon - Fri, 7.30pm (6.30pm JKT/BKK).
  • Brothers Conflict

    Brothers Conflict

    With 13 new stepbrothers… It's complicated!

    2 B2B episodes. Mon - Fri, 6.30pm (5.30pm JKT/BKK).

  • Inuyasha The Final Act

    Inuyasha The Final Act

    Their final journey to defeat Naraku begins!

    2 B2B episodes. Every Sun, 7.30pm (6.30pm JKT/BKK).

  • The File of Young Kindaichi

    The File of Young Kindaichi

    Unravel the mysteries in the super hit classic!

    Mon - Fri, 11.30pm (10.30pm JKT/BKK).

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